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贴在DEVIANTART上的日志- []   2010-06-06

《havn't update for so long time》

i was considering about my separation form the company recently.

my contract will be expired in the end of July,and i wish i can resign in the end of June,while i've found a good company which is waiting for my entry.

so,i was talking with the boss in these weeks.i told him the reason of my separation,and i'll use a month to transfer my post.if i couldn't post completely,i can stay here for one more month.

my boss didn't accept the reality at first.but after some chats,he had to accept it ,and thought about how to wind up.

so,utill now,i'm still working in this company,and nobody knows i'm going to resign(as the boss's request).but in remaining time of this job,it have been very very busy.there're two new SNS game waiting for my art design.

the reason is,first,i guess my boss wish to develop great games to change my decision:it may prove that our company is worth to stay and work,so,don't leave; second,based on my leaving,feared in can't find a good new art leader to post, my boss asked us to develope games that"poutique of art",so that the company have 2 games art decided,he won't hurried to employ good art leader for months.

so, i think i won't have time to update in short period of time.

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